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We had a great convention. Our flight over was filled with fans (am I obviously fannish? I was certainly spotted by others). Convention highlights: great conversations with [ profile] brisingamen, [ profile] peake, [ profile] ladyjillian, [ profile] dmw (hardly saw [ profile] dalmeny though, alas), [ profile] coth, [ profile] tamaranth (met for first time), Mark, Claire, Lise, Moshe, and many others that I'm blanking on. Program item standout: Book discussion of Troll: A Love Story (published as Not Before Sundown in the U.K.) with author Johanna Sinisalo present! What a treat. It was also where I met [ profile] tamaranth.

The real ale bar and the fan lounge were excellent places to meet up with people. It's true that the SECC lacks good meeting places, but [ profile] bohemiancoast's efforts with the real ale bar in the Moat House paid off big time. What a success! Sadly for me, the wine was overpriced and mediocre, but they did have Campari at the bar (although I had to explain to them each time how to make a Campari & soda).

Here's my first attempt to share some photos from the trip. Let me know if this works for you. I should warn you up front that I only took two pictures at the con, so don't get your hopes up. ([ profile] dmw and [ profile] ladyjillian, be sure to look.)

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We're back from our 2 1/2 week jaunt to Worldcon, England, and Wales. It was great -- details forthcoming in dribs and drabs rather than a long report (I'd never get it finished if I tried that). The summary: it was great. A fun convention with some of the best programming I've seen at a worldcon. Many Roman ruins and stately homes & gardens visited afterwards. Wonderful coincidences. Meeting friends old & new (both at the con and afterwards). Occasional hair-raising drives, but we (and the rental car) survived unscathed. Much walking, including ascending Holyhead Mountain.

Back at home, our wonderful housesitter ([ profile] dreamshark's marvelous daughter) faithfully kept the garden harvested and the plants watered. She warned us before she left, though, that there are still beans and cukes in the fridge and squash on the counter, plus more in the garden. And I just harvested a huge bowl of figs. Oh my.

More later, including pictures! (I got a digital camera for my birthday and gave it a good outing.)


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