Apr. 30th, 2011 10:53 pm
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We went to see Xanadu at the Retro Dome tonight. What fun! Great singing, loads of clever '80s references, good dancing, campy roles = lots of fun. Not as much roller skating as I expected, but that's okay. I definitely recommend it!
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The U.S. Geological Survey actually uses info from social media (Twitter, particularly) to gather earthquake data. They remark, "The info gleaned from the Twitter posts is available almost instantly, whereas even the preliminary analyses the agency’s scientists use to pinpoint a quake’s origin and size often take 15 minutes or more."
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The blood orange tree is festively draped with Christmas lights, in anticipation of near freezing temperatures tonight. Allspice (in pot) is cuddled up next to the house on the back porch. Winter squashes stored on the back porch are allowed inside for a couple of days. Bergamot oranges harvested, since it was time anyhow. Limes mostly left on the tree to fare as they will. Lemons, eh, I don't worry about the lemons. Picked all the peas that were big enough (mmm, peas!). The rest of the veggies will be fine (beets, fennel, turnips, kale, broccoli, kohlrabi, chard, even the lettuce).

According to the most current prediction, the low won't even reach 32. I expect all should be just fine.
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I bought some cedar hangers the other day, and when I got them home, I realized I wasn't getting much cedar scent from them. I've even tried a bit of sandpaper (gently) on them without much effect. Did I get bum cedar? I've always assumed I actually need the scent to get the moth-repellent effect.

How annoying. Guess I should have sniffed them in the store more carefully, away from the rest of the cedar display.
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This is one of my all-time favorite commercials. The quality is awful, but hey, the visuals weren't the point.

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Tonight we went to an alien food party. [livejournal.com profile] magscanner  has took this great photo of our contribution, and has also posted his amazing essay on the subject.

Sky Slug Three Ways

This classic dish features the elusive sky slug in all three of its delicious forms:
eggs, larvae, and adult. The spiced larvae, with their garnet interiors exposed,
contrast with the creamy, emerald green eggs, and provide a piquant contrast
to the delicate flesh of the sky blue adult.

About Sky Slugs

The sky slug (Aeroflotus azuriensis) has a three-stage life cycle. The females lay
their bright green eggs in crevices in trees. When the larvae hatch, they crawl out to
branches where they anchor themselves among the tree’s true fruits. Thus camouflaged,
they safely feed on nutrients from the tree. Eventually their skin hardens, forming a
protective shell while they undergo their extraordinary metamorphosis to their
elongated blue adult form.

(It was really quite tasty, honest!)
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We're back, with much thanks to [livejournal.com profile] spikeiowa who picked us up at SFO. House & garden are fine -- Amber did a great job, as usual, tending and harvesting the garden.

But soon we fall over....
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Suddenly, it's summer.

Yes, yes, I know, the entire rest of the country has been broiling all summer long. But it's been cool, even chilly here. Highs barely in the 70s, low 50s at night. But today the temp rocketed into the 90s. Tomorrow is predicted to be 99. Wednesday in the 90s also. And then it's over, with Saturday & Sunday chilling down to highs in the 60s.

In other news, I picked five more fantastic Ambrosia melons today. This is following the three from last Wednesday, and another five last Friday! This is hands downs the best melon production I've ever had, and it's not over yet. Thirteen and still counting, all from a mere hill of 3 vines. Superb flavor too. The cool summer apparently has been to its liking, contrary to everything I've heard about melons.
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First ripe melon of the season today! Three, actually, one of which was overripe even. I thought I had been checking carefully. Ah well, the overripe one betrayed its presence by its scent, then I found the other two as well.

Woohoo, my tummy is full of Ambrosia melon!
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What should we do with leftover beer? We're tired of saving it from party to party. But beer is probably not the sort of thing to donate to a homeless shelter, like I do with my excess produce. If only I knew some impecunious college students....

Oh, wait, most of the aren't legal to drink these days anyhow.
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We're having our annual BBQ party tomorrow. Anyone who's reading this, c'mon over! 4:00 pm onwards.

New this year: We're putting out real flatware instead of plastic stuff that gets thrown away. (Hey, dishwashers are good for something.)

And we'll be labeling a bin for compostables: paper plates, non-meat food scraps, paper napkins. I wonder how trainable this crowd is. Want to place any bets?


Jul. 22nd, 2010 08:56 pm
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Stubbed my toe on a cast-iron radiator this morning -- not recommended! I've been icing it on and off all day. I'm sure it isn't broken, but it's definitely sore.

And all because I was so excited about having folders on my iPhone.


Jul. 21st, 2010 07:25 pm
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A fresh bottle of acetone polish remover did the trick! And the new bottle doesn't seem to dry out my fingers as much and so, one presumes, my toes. Thanks for all the suggestions. I did get some of those pads that don't shred as much on the glitter, which also helps.

Putting polish on my fingernails is nearly pointless. With all the gardening that I do, it doesn't last more than 24 hours. But for some reason, it tickles me to have polish on my toenails, and since I don't dig in the dirt with them, it lasts quite nicely. Especially with an armor coating of glitter.

Next up: gold polish, with glitter.
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I'm ready to change my toenail polish, but I'm having a terrible time removing the current polish! First I tried a non-acetone remover. It took forever to remove the tiny amount of polish from just my littlest toe, and my hands reeked from the smell for over 24 hours. It didn't seem like that bad a scent when I was using it, but it just wasn't going away despite many hand washings.

So then I tried an acetone remover, an old bottle, admittedly, but does it go bad? This time, nothing was coming off. I have midnight blue polish with sparkles and I was using white cotton balls. Believe, there was nothing getting transferred to those cotton balls. Could the acetone have lost strength? Would a new bottle help? My thumb and forefinger where I was gripping the cotton ball got all dry and rough (which I suppose is why some people favor the non-acetone remover), so some ingredient was still active. But it sure wasn't removing polish.

Am I doomed to have midnight blue nails until they grow out?! Help me, those of you more conversant in these matters.

FB thought

Jul. 8th, 2010 11:30 pm
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Is 'liking' a post on FaceBook the moral equivalent of RAEBNC?

(Somehow I doubt I'm the first one to make this analogy.)


Jun. 23rd, 2010 10:10 pm
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Nail polish on toenails makes bare feet look so much more . . . intentional. Know what I mean?

My toenails are now dark blue-black with sparkles. It was what I had on hand (on foot?).

Hugo blues

Jun. 18th, 2010 10:52 pm
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I received my Hugo voting packet and busily set about downloading all of the texts and loading them onto my iPhone in Stanza to read.

Except a bunch of them aren't readable in Stanza. The PDFs especially tend to come out screwy, with page headers and footers inserted into the text, paragraphs run together, really unreadable. The rtfs tend to display codes instead of symbols for things like apostrophes and quotation marks. It's easy enough to open up the rtfs with Word and resave them as docs, which solves that problem. But the only way I can figure out to read the PDFs is via a web browser, which only works if they're available online somewhere. Am I missing something obvious?
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I've finally gone back to the FaceBook account that I created eons ago.Yes, I know. I've got all of the privacy stuff battened down as best I can. But there are just so many people, especially relatives, who only post there, so I'm giving it a try.

Though I wish I could view a page of people's original posts only, without seeing the comments for each post, and who liked it, and notices about who is friends with whom, etc. (Um, yeah, I guess what I want is an  LJ page -- and I'll bet I just need to get over it.) It's just that it seems hard to discern the signal amidst the noise, even though people cite "keeping up" with others as the main reason for using FB. Is is possible to turn off any of that extraneous stuff? At least I've figured out that I can block notices about games!

How often do you check your FB page? (Assuming you use it regularly, not once every 2 months.) It seems like new posts scroll away really fast. Again, hard to keep up with folks if their posts zip away before you've checked back.

I also can't figure out how FB is deciding which posts to display. I've set up lists Fandom and Family. If I explicitly go to each of those lists, I see more recent posts than FB shows me on my main page, even with 'most recent' selected.

Any hints & tips are welcome!
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My new favorite song: Dead Horse Trampoline!

And next-to-favorite: Einstein the Genius
(My favorite line, "A wave and a particle were walking side by side. One said to the other, "Which one of us am I?""
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